#ESTETIKDECOR is a furniture and lifestyle brand.

Combining its 20 years of experience in leatherworking with a lifestyle-oriented merchandising approach, our brand has focused on furniture design and production in its facilities in Istanbul since 2010.

#ESTETIKDECOR has made a name for itself mainly in projects and stores abroad.

It is a leading company that designs and develops leather as a material and can be used in all areas of decoration.

It includes carefully selected accessories from different parts of the world as complementary items in its collections.

The designer of #ESTETIKDECOR, Müsteyde Ufuk, reflects her perspective on life to her designs, transforming natural and luxury materials into comfortable and stylish products. Her works that appeal to different cultures and tastes are personal and accessible and aim to reflect the modern luxury lifestyle to your spaces.

#ESTETIKDECOR's collection is exhibited together with all its products in the showroom area in the head office of Istanbul and the central store in HOM Design Center.

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