Startlingly beautiful, totally unique, and uncompromising in quality, Estetik Decor is simply in a category all its own. Inspired by the sophistication of treasured antiques, the timelessness of classical proportions and the richness of diverse cultures, Estetik Decor designs, develops and manufactures distinctly modern, luxurious leather home décor like no other.

Here, no detail is overlooked. Boldly designed leather furniture is adorned with the subtle shimmer of gold or silver that is coaxed into intricate patterns that seem to dance on its sumptuous surfaces. Hand dyed and exquisitely colored leather is complemented by additional, meticulously laser cut layers that create a rich depth for the hand and eye to explore on pillows and wall coverings. Velvets and furs radiate with the warm glow of generous gilding, and invite you to linger, shaped into decadent arm chairs and welcoming poufs. Laminated leather lampshades reveal softly filtered light through their baroquely incised exteriors. Accent pieces, crafted of natural horn and burnished metal command attention with dramatic juxtapositions and lavish flourishes.

From its inception, as an inspired thought of Musteyde Ufuk, the designer for Estetik Decor, to its glorious finish as a functional work of art, each piece of Estetik Decor’s extensive furniture and home accent collection comes to fruition in Istanbul. There, in house, Estetik Decor works with artisans gifted with decades of experience to realize its directional designs and transformative techniques. Join us in exploring our original collections designed with your most discerning clients in mind.